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Fetching X 2

Double the Fetchings today. First up is a young man wearing a quite fetching hat:

Em looking quite fethcing in his new hat

I can’t claim knitterly ownership of the hat, I am afraid. That distinction goes to Lisa, who responded generously and quickly when I mentioned to her that the boy was growing out of his hats. I know she told me what yarn it was , but I have forgotten. I just know that his head is both warm and cute, and he doesn’t rip it off and cram it into his mouth.

Fetching #2

I am actually quite embarrassed by this. I was going to have a whole series devoted to knitting embarrassments–you know, those things you have or haven’t knit that you wish everyone didn’t know about? I might just do it someday, but until then I will just come clean about these:

Fetching–but not fetchingly photographed
Hmm. That has to be the worst photo I’ve ever seen. See this post for a better shot, ok? It is surprisingly hard to photograph your hands in general, and while wearing the boy in a wrap it is nearly impossible.

The embarrassment of these Fetchings is that they were nearly done in October of 2006. 2006. I took them to Rhinebeck with me to finish and abandoned them just a bind off and thumb gusset away from being done. For 14 months they languished at the bottom of the basket because I apparently couldn’t face the end. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Thanks to the magic that is Ravelry I noticed that I had a shocking number of projects about 90% done. (In fact, that is what led me to stop adding projects.) I am no psychologist, but I must seriously have an issue with endings.

Thankfully, last week was a convergence of means and opportunity. It finally occurred to Mr. Cygknit that perhaps I might need a break from the boy on occasion, and hadn’t I wanted to go to a local Stitch N Bitch? They were done that very night. Amen.

To end on a cute note, 2X the fetchings

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