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dyeing, suddenly

Part of my slackerness as a blogger is due to my getting sucked into a parenting board (or three). I don’t often have to really think about what I want to write; most of my comments are just a few lines long. Over here I feel a need to be, well, clever. Intelligent. Witty, even. Much harder to do in a post instead of a few pithy sentences.

So while over at my favorite small, closed, board–blithely ignorning my bloggy duties here–one of the mamas posted a thread looking to see if any of us spun our own yarn or hand dyed…and calling me out by name. I posted back a hearty no, no. I haven’t dyed for two years and don’t spin well or fast enough really to sell it. Check out these lovely women‘s stores, please. I’ve met them all in real life and they are lovely.

No, she wanted ME to do it. She likes non-professional. She wants unique. She wants enough for 2 pairs of adult mittens and 2 pairs of child’s. I volunteer a colorway and to do self-striping.

Those of you that have done that before are laughing in the back, aren’t you?

I placed a Knit Picks order and waited with fluttery stomach. I dyed yarn. I made notes so I could blog about it. I started a post, then abandoned it.

So blog why now? I have been contacted by someone else, with an order for three large skeins and three small contrasting skeins. Also, my first customer has another order for me.

How did I get customers??

While I ponder that, here are some process pictures:

warping board
dye bath

My photograhy skills are wretched, at best.  The colors are not as washed out as they appear and are more truly a vibrant turquoise and a rich brown.  The paler blue reminds me of Tiffany’s blue (purely an accident, I assure you).   I have orders for a pirate-themed colorway, a spring one, and a few to match my whims.

I’m even considering taking a dyeing class.

When did I fall down a rabbit hole?


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