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Hang on, kids, I have an FO.

…of sorts… Can a joint, non-knitting project be counted as an FO?

The people who’ve seen it in person say that the pictures don’t do it justice. I think the texture really makes a difference, too, but I can’t manage to figure out how to make that come through here on the blog. (I’ve lost the camera again, so I can’t even try the macro setting. Found!)

Here’s a shot of the back with the label, and a smidge of the front. (Please forgive my clumsy attempts at editing out last names)

So there it is, my first time as a Quilter’s Assistant, and our first project. The baby in question expressed some glee at the bright colors, and the new Mommy fussed over it enough to make me feel proud.


  • Concieved: February 6
  • Started: February 8
  • Finished: March 7 8, after 1 am, by Terry
  • Gifted: March 8, 9:00 am
  • Blog post started: March 9
  • Blog post finished: March 19

I have a lot of catching up to do 🙂


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Mini update

I should have posted this earlier, but the complete and utter joy I took in my snow (ice) day on Wednesday got in the way of blogging.

Since there were requests, I thought I’d post a progress photo on the quilt:

Looks a bit different than the link I provided, doesn’t it? I’d been asked about the style/design of that linked quilt with a little trepidation (Mr. C asked with some horror in his voice), and the hopes it wouldn’t be so…busy? I think what we’ve done looks amazing, and even more so in person.

Last night we tied the centers of all the squares to the fantabulous backing, using yellow, orange and green. I’ve taken possession of it for the weekend, and will tie the corners of the squares, too (I think). What we’d really like to do is quilt the yellow border area. In the interest of time, we can’t quilt the squares–there’s just too much area–but maybe we can swing just the yellow? I’ll keep you posted.

In knitting news, I’ve completed one and a half cardi’s (up from one and a quarter). If this was a full size sweater, that might be some achievement, but for me this just means I’ve finished another sleeve. Four down! Whoo hoo! I should be able to sew up Buster’s bolero this weekend and add the border in the near future. Then, it’s back to Terry’s bolero for the body, and a start on the last one to do. With a little more focus, who knows how many I could do? Maybe I’ll even go a bit crazy and take a picture 🙂

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