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I tried to write this post this morning, but I just couldn’t do it. Looking through the pictures on my laptop…it was just too much.

Juniperbunny got sick late last night and passed away this morning. The Vet told us this morning that there wasn’t anything they could have done for him since it took him so quickly.

Thanks to emails from fellow rabbit lovers Knitter Bunny and my old friend Karen, I feel more sad than angry and guilty (which feels much more like progress than it sounds). The pictures above are ones that I’ve posted before; the ones I took a few weeks ago are still too fresh for me.

He will be missed much.


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I find myself wanting to start of this post with something like: “Nope, not much going on here!”

But then I remember I’ve knit 1.25 newborn cardigans, and I think that might count as something.

I wish I could post pictures of the two, and bask in the glow of seeing my handiwork on the vast and glorious Internets. Unfortunately, I completely forgot this weekend that my camera-to-computer cable isn’t any good. That it so completely slipped my mind kinda worries me. (Since I forgot to take my credit card out of my pocket this morning, I’m looking online to see if I can order one. Must strike while the memory is hot. Or something).

Right, the cardi’s. I’ve done the body and one sleeve for Buster, using this yarn & color. Really, I’m not sure on the olive any more. In the store, in the lighting in the store, I was very fond of the lighter and darker greens. In the (lack of) light in my house, I wonder if I’m trying to put my (lack of) color onto my child. As for the other cardi, I’ve just done 2 sleeves so far. The yarn is delicious to knit with. So, soft, so gentle, I’m tempted to put on my best Long Island accent and invoke a simile of spreadable dairy product. It is that good, I tell you. The green I’m using, I think this (my monitor is awful and the yarn is at home), is so much more…I don’t know. Baby. What do you think?

Pictures of each:

(While typing this post, I’ve managed to find and purchase online the right cable for the camera. Pictures of the cardis to come as soon as I wrap my head around how easy it was to just sit down and whip out the card. Now I know how Jess feels with buying fiber.)

Elsewhere on my mind:

I realized that spending so much time on the baby boards (message boards for pregnant women, generally centered around due dates/months) has taken away the coherent thought I used to put into blogging. I’m attempting to wean myself off them, and come back to my home. You people.

I realized that leaving a bunny alone for 3 days with no human contact is a bad idea. Especially when a) he’s molting (read: leaving little trails of angora wherever he goes) and b) you think he’s “over” his bad power cord chewing habit. Please don’t ask my husband about the fire behind the sofa. He’s still a bit upset about that.

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