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I am not sure if blogged about these way back in Em’s newborn days. Have you seen these?

From the looks of the scrawny legs, Em was still very much a newborn here, maybe a few weeks old? Anyway, Kelli gifted me these three pairs of socks before he was born. Each pair was a different size so that he could be in hand knit socks for more than just a week (as baby feet grow quickly). We retired the last pair when he was a few months old, and I thought they were each packed away.

Today, one of the mamas on one of my parenting boards mentioned that she knit a sock for her husband’s inhaler, so he wouldn’t keep losing it’s cap. I thought this was so clever! Em now has two inhalers, one of which needs to travel with us in the diaper bag. I have already lost it’s cap, as the inhaler plugs into an infant chamber and stays that way most of the time. As easy as that is around the house, it doesn’t work as well in the diaper bag. Enter a pair of outgrown socks and I have a pair of inhaler cozies! I think maybe 48 stitches and a 2×2 rib in a matching self-patterning yarn and I have a fully cozied breathing system.

My plan to cover the world in handknits continues apace.


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Future blogger

I had a large post in mind today regarding some things that I’ve been up to the last week. Unfortunately, I have a sick baby on my hands and I won’t be on the computer enough to compose much of a post. The poor little guy is the kind of sick where all he wants to do is curl up on my chest and cuddle. Since he’s usually too busy for such things, I’m enjoying every moment of his mama-neediness (but not the sickness, so much), before he turns into a teenager and wants nothing to do with me.

I’ll leave you with some thing I caught him doing last week:

Like mother, like son.

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Fetching X 2

Double the Fetchings today. First up is a young man wearing a quite fetching hat:

Em looking quite fethcing in his new hat

I can’t claim knitterly ownership of the hat, I am afraid. That distinction goes to Lisa, who responded generously and quickly when I mentioned to her that the boy was growing out of his hats. I know she told me what yarn it was , but I have forgotten. I just know that his head is both warm and cute, and he doesn’t rip it off and cram it into his mouth.

Fetching #2

I am actually quite embarrassed by this. I was going to have a whole series devoted to knitting embarrassments–you know, those things you have or haven’t knit that you wish everyone didn’t know about? I might just do it someday, but until then I will just come clean about these:

Fetching–but not fetchingly photographed
Hmm. That has to be the worst photo I’ve ever seen. See this post for a better shot, ok? It is surprisingly hard to photograph your hands in general, and while wearing the boy in a wrap it is nearly impossible.

The embarrassment of these Fetchings is that they were nearly done in October of 2006. 2006. I took them to Rhinebeck with me to finish and abandoned them just a bind off and thumb gusset away from being done. For 14 months they languished at the bottom of the basket because I apparently couldn’t face the end. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Thanks to the magic that is Ravelry I noticed that I had a shocking number of projects about 90% done. (In fact, that is what led me to stop adding projects.) I am no psychologist, but I must seriously have an issue with endings.

Thankfully, last week was a convergence of means and opportunity. It finally occurred to Mr. Cygknit that perhaps I might need a break from the boy on occasion, and hadn’t I wanted to go to a local Stitch N Bitch? They were done that very night. Amen.

To end on a cute note, 2X the fetchings

tired knits

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Thanks for all the blogiversary wishes! It really hadn’t started feeling like a year until I went digging in the archives.

But that’s not why I’m here. I actually *gasp* knit something. Well, half of something:

A single baby bootee from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. Now, I know I (and he) will need two of these, but geez. Is it me? Is this impossibly small??

The pattern calls for Rowan Cotton Glace, but I only had Baby Ull handy. I was about to type something here about wondering if my gauge was off, but in the three seconds I took to pull these links from the manufacturer’s site made me realize, um yes. Gauge wayy off. Could stand a blocking, too.

Now I wonder: Will the babe be able to wear them (a hypothetical plural) home from the hospital, even? Should I knit the other to match? Should I knit a pair larger? Heck, I wondered while knitting if I should forget the bootee and recast as socks? Advice welcome here.

Since I will be (rain & husband accommodating) attending the Connecticut Sheep & Wool festival tomorrow, I thought it might be a good idea to give an updated idea of what I look like now. Terry, whose due date is just 17 days ahead of mine, is allowing me to post this picture of the two of us, taken last night:

Me, in black, at 32 weeks and 4 days. Terry, at 35 weeks on the dot. And another, less fuzzy one:

You know, there is nothing like seeing yourself from a new angle to realize, “Wow. That’s what huge looks like.” Don’t even ask me what I think of my ankles.

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Works in progress

First, I’d like to thank you all for the condolences on Juniper. Although we only had him for seven or eight months, he really made an impact on us. Our learning curve was huge and we struggled with how to make a bunny happy (while keeping sane, ourselves), but we never seriously considered giving him up. His last six or eight weeks were perfect; we’d struck a balance with his needs and ours and he was genuinely pleased with his life. It just didn’t seem fair. Mr. Cygknit has been my hero through all this, from taking him to the Vet posthumously to find a why (there is no good one) to cleaning and dismantling the cage so I wouldn’t come home Tuesday night to an empty one.

I thought it was time to post some pictures of some things I’ve been working on, especially since I’m freed from the seaming of (1 of 3) baby sweaters. First up? My telephone knitting:

The yarn is Plymouth Heaven, and was gifted to me by Lisa’s roomie. It isn’t something I would have selected (I’m nervous about baby yarn), but it’s really grown on me. What you see above is just a giant garter stitch rectangley thing. Stitch definition is non-existent, so why not just knitknitknit? Since my glider arrived, I’ve been looking forward to phone calls so I can rock back and forth and knit for the wee babe that will be under it some day soon(ish).

Also on the plate is this disastrous looking thing:

Sadly, this is one of those things I can’t blame the designer–or anyone else–for. I have been wanting to try Magic Loop for ever, but always shied away from the patterns with some excuse or other. Turns out that I was right that ML can be bad for my self esteem…but upon further reflection (after flinging it to the floor) I realized that the cord length was just not enough for what I was doing. Instead of taking it (too) personally, I (finally) realized that it wasn’t the concept that was tying me up, it was the lack of cordage. Now, I just have to convince Mr. CygKnit to loan me his longer needles.

Finally, I started a washrag on a whim yesterday on my lunchbreak. It has no purpose but to be a calm and mindless piece of knitting to keep me from violence at work. Hormonal? Me? Nahhh!

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Thank you all for your happy thoughts that I’m back. I knew it had been a while, but I had no idea (until I started getting subtle emails with a day count) how long it had been.

When it comes to blogging and knitting, I’ve fallen down a bit over the last seven months. This morning, though, I felt a twitch. Not a baby twitching in my belly, not a twitch from wondering just how sick my husband really is (how come so many men seem to be just dying when they simply have a cold?), but a twitch that I felt all the way down to the tips of my fingers.

I think my knitting mojo is coming back. Shhhh, don’t say anything, yet.

Before I get to that, though, I want to show off an awesome gift that showed up in my mailbox. I was on my way home on Monday, after a snoozy day at work from a late plane arrival the night before (did I forget to mention I was in Florida for a week?) when occurs to me that my sweet husband might have forgotten to get the mail while I was gone. (Apparently the mail person noted this, too, as our box was rubber banded shut) To my surprise, I found packages! Look what Kristi Scrappy & Gangles sent us:

How cute are those bibs? Mr. CygKnit is crazy over anything with dinosaurs on it (see the dino button on the blue?) and I have long been in love with the green/brown/cream colorway. AND Kristi included yarn for me to make my own 🙂 Though, of course, the boys didn’t actually knit them themselves, “each bib was entirely made holding a baby (or two).”

While Mr. C and I are quite tickled at the surprise gift, baby CygKnit (aka Buster, at 27 weeks) had nothing to say:

I say, don’t get your picture taken outside wearing a low-cut top when it’s snowing.

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I find myself wanting to start of this post with something like: “Nope, not much going on here!”

But then I remember I’ve knit 1.25 newborn cardigans, and I think that might count as something.

I wish I could post pictures of the two, and bask in the glow of seeing my handiwork on the vast and glorious Internets. Unfortunately, I completely forgot this weekend that my camera-to-computer cable isn’t any good. That it so completely slipped my mind kinda worries me. (Since I forgot to take my credit card out of my pocket this morning, I’m looking online to see if I can order one. Must strike while the memory is hot. Or something).

Right, the cardi’s. I’ve done the body and one sleeve for Buster, using this yarn & color. Really, I’m not sure on the olive any more. In the store, in the lighting in the store, I was very fond of the lighter and darker greens. In the (lack of) light in my house, I wonder if I’m trying to put my (lack of) color onto my child. As for the other cardi, I’ve just done 2 sleeves so far. The yarn is delicious to knit with. So, soft, so gentle, I’m tempted to put on my best Long Island accent and invoke a simile of spreadable dairy product. It is that good, I tell you. The green I’m using, I think this (my monitor is awful and the yarn is at home), is so much more…I don’t know. Baby. What do you think?

Pictures of each:

(While typing this post, I’ve managed to find and purchase online the right cable for the camera. Pictures of the cardis to come as soon as I wrap my head around how easy it was to just sit down and whip out the card. Now I know how Jess feels with buying fiber.)

Elsewhere on my mind:

I realized that spending so much time on the baby boards (message boards for pregnant women, generally centered around due dates/months) has taken away the coherent thought I used to put into blogging. I’m attempting to wean myself off them, and come back to my home. You people.

I realized that leaving a bunny alone for 3 days with no human contact is a bad idea. Especially when a) he’s molting (read: leaving little trails of angora wherever he goes) and b) you think he’s “over” his bad power cord chewing habit. Please don’t ask my husband about the fire behind the sofa. He’s still a bit upset about that.

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