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Pink scarf

Somehow I got sucked into a really great deal. When my friend Lisa came to visit after Elliot’s birth we did the usual yarn crawl. At this avalanche-prone yarn store, The Yarn Barn, she surfaced with something like six balls of the Jo Sharp Rare Comfort.  Her deal? She buys the yarn and gives half to me. Her half becomes whatever lacy thing I want, my half becomes an Ice Queen for her. Who wouldn’t take that deal??

Em modeling my scarf from Lisa. Clearly, no detail can be seen, but it is quite fetching, regardless.

and more

An attempt at some pattern detail.

As far as I know, it’s a simple Feather and Fan stitch. “Simple” here translates to “gorgeous.”  I HAD to put Ice Queen at the top of my queue and knit it up fast. The mohair-related guilt would just be too much, otherwise.

PS My laptop is now in working condition AND I have internet access. Real pictures to come in the near future!


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