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A new bag

I’ve been knitting wee things like crazy the last few weeks, but nothing has really moved me to blog.  How things have changed from a few years ago!  Anyway, it wasn’t until I got my mail today that I thought “I MUST blog this!”

Isn’t it lovely?  It is a box bag from Stitched By Jessalu, the etsy store of my friend Jess.  I have admired her bags for a while now, but have been good at talking myself out of them.  Recently, she posted this bag, but it sold before I could get to it.  I commented an innocent remark on her blog…only to find she’d ordered more of the fabric and was getting it in a few days later.  I had no choice.  I HAD to get it.  Lucky me, though, I was sale number fifty (50!) and got an extra little bit of joy in my package:

I suspect that the zipper bag will become a home to all the notions that wander about my bag.  Not a bad future for it.  Between the two, I’m in a much better spot for small projects.  Consider what I was using for this sock before:

It was a good bag–bought in Honduras from a women’s collective–but it just didn’t work for socks.  Especially with a toddler fond of pulling needles out of live stitches and poking them wherever they may fit (no joke, I’ve found these sock needles in heating vents, cookbooks and the cat food container).  I think the sock is safer (and more likely to get finished) when it is safely secured.

And because I *really* like this bag and couldn’t photograph it enough, the end:


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