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No help

I took the sage advice on reblocking the Liesl from the comments of my last post.  And?  I think it worked!  As I fussed over the blocking I realized it really was short if blocked it wide.  Gee, surprised?  I can’t have it long and not pointy, I suppose.  The minute it was dry I tried it on and…it wasn’t bad.  That is no help to you, though, as both camera cords are MIA and both memory cards, too. I put them somewhere safe when I cleaned up recently, but where?

IF I get my act together today, I will iron the sun dress she’s to be worn with and wear them to SnB.  Shave my legs, too, I guess.  So, you know, maybe.

Which reminds me:  This Saturday is my Knit- and Spin-In! If you didn’t get an email from me and want to come, just leave a comment here.  I think I got everybody, but I am not totally confident in my memory.  Also, if you’re a lurker and live in CT, leave a comment, too, ‘k?  Feel free to bring a friend(s), there’s plenty of room and plenty of food 😉

Would you like to see another FO?  This is kinda cheating, as I finished it a few weeks ago.  What’s a post without pictures, right?

I imagine you must get tired of seeing me knit yet another pair of shrorties/longies from the Sheepy Pants pattern.  It is odd, this is one of the very few patterns I care to knit more than once.  I guess because it is so easy to do?

Here’s a shot of the yarn, which is no help because I have no idea what it is

yarn of the unknown variety

yarn of the unknown variety

Whatever it was, I loved it.  It was nice and squishy and I was able to go up a needle size, thus making them a slightly quicker knit.  I know I bought it in Texas last October, when I was visiting an old friend.  The yarn label was black, too.  Yeah, big help. That’s what happens when you have a child that eats yarn.

Unlike some I’ve been knitting, this pair was for Em.  I’ve tried for some action shots, but as blurry as they are they are no help:

Em in motion

Em in motion

I can’t seem to take any picture of him where he’s not a little blur.  I tried a front shot here:

only slightly better

only slightly better

I didn’t actually mean to make them a board short length, I just forget that my child has a long torso and short little legs. Just like his mama. On days like today, where the temp is a sunny 65*F (18*C), I’m happy to have him in warm little shorts.

To forewarn you, I do have another pair on the needles.  They are knit from yarn I dyed–supposedly a mistake but turned out great–and are newborn sized.  And *very* not for me, thankyouverymuch.  Then, no more of this pattern for a while, I promise.

I’m going to knit something for me again.  Either the medium length Liesl (on Flickr here), using the burgundy Valley Yarns I just bought, or the Fairly Easy Fair Isle (link to a shot of the book here).  I have the yarn for both, though the yarn for the FEFI needs to be washed first.  It was given to me ages ago and has a strong sheepy odor.  Either way, I promise it won’t be baby pants.


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FO: Short Liesl*

I know, I wasn’t supposed to drop off the face of the earth now that school is done. Somehow, I am still caught up in work and life and am behind in just about everything. How hard is it to post about an FO? Apparently, quite tricky for me lately.

Well, then, here is Liesl. This is how she looked for a long time:

Liesl, close up

Liesl, close up

That’s Cascade 220, in case you are curious. I picked it up originally for a fair isle vest, then decided I didn’t like the colors together. When I decided I needed a shrug for a new sundress it was, thankfully, the right brown.

This version of Liesl is the 40″ bust size and is four repeats past the break for sleeve. If you follow the link above, you’ll see I knit the cream version.  You can’t really tell from my quick (and dark) pictures, but the armscye is, well, rather too generous. Maybe with a chest like mine I am supposed to have chunky arms?

Here’s a side view. Sorry for the poor lighting, I took these while ready to dash to work, then the battery died.

pointy ends


Do you see the points in the front? I’m not especially overjoyed about them. I understand that it is the nature of Feather and Fan to make its own pretty edging, I am not sure it works here. While the center back (sadly not photographed) meets in a lovely scoop, I just don’t think it looks right split in half for the cardigan fronts. Don’t believe me?

Hangs funny, huh? I am sure it is not helped by a mistake I made, being to rushed…I sewed the buttons to the (ahem) wrong side. Since I’m not thrilled about the project I haven’t fixed it yet, either. I know.

Despite all that I really enjoyed the pattern. I picked up some yarn at Webs for my birthday, and will be making a longer version of this and with 3/4 sleeves. I think that might be a smidge more flattering. I hope. The yarn is nice, at least.

Valley Yarns Berkshire

Valley Yarns Berkshire

I think this will be an even quicker knit, if that’s possible. I promise better photos next time, really.

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