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Geez, when I asked if I’d get kicked out of blogland I wasn’t expecting almost no one to comment! Its ok, I’ll be fine *sniff*

Moving on…No knitting/spinning/dyeing today, I’m afraid. Why? The last few weeks have been all about one thing:

Em turned one last week.

I can’t believe it, either.

There was one thing to be done before his party. Not cleaning, not unpacking (still), not preparing food. Nope. Em needed his first hair cut.

At the salon:


See how long that hair was?


Unsure about the process:


Cute, no?


We had his birthday party the following week, which just happened to be World Wide Knit In Public Day. One of our guests was Catie and her family. Catie celebrated both events here:


And of course, this could hardly be a birthday party post without some cake:


Finally, a comparison.

My newly born son, last year:


And my newly one year-old boy:


Mama loves you, little one.


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…more knitting. While I might have had the keeping of my handspun at the top of the page as a wee bit of ulterior motive (I think it is too pretty to bump further down), I was really knitting something else. Bright stripy pants, actually.

The color isn’t great here, even with a little editing. It does show the pattern a bit, though. This is a bit more accurate color-wise, I think:

Hmm, that’s still not the best. How about a picture of the yarn?

Go Team yarn

The weird thing? The really, really, really weird thing I’m almost afraid to say so you people don’t kick me out of blogland?

I knit them for pay.

I know, right?

It was an experimental colorway (read: a big oops!) that I put a label on and prayed for a sports fan. Sure enough, an LSU alumna contacted me. However, she doesn’t knit…and wanted to pay me to knit for her, as a surprise for her husband. What could I say, but yes?

Weird, I know.


Pattern: Sheepy Pants

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare, hand dyed by me in the “Go Team!” colorway

Needles: This time I used the recommended 5s for the ribbing and 7s for the body. Last time I think I did 8’s on the body (I forgot to note that). I used some crappy 16″ bamboo circs I picked up at Wal-Mart as I lost my pretty Options size 7.

Modifications: I didn’t do any modifications this time. Since I was knitting shorts I knew I wasn’t in danger of running out of yarn. Last time I only did 3 sets of short rows, but this time I did the full four.

Oddities: I have to say, if I was knitting these for me/Em, I wouldn’t have been so worked up about the striping. Since someone was actually paying me, I fussed over making sure the legs were exactly the same and the crotch gusset was kitchenerd with the right color. In all honesty, it was a little more fiddly than I would normally have gone for.

For example, Em’s longies:


There’s an odd stripe near the crotch of the left leg. Then, there’s the whole reversal of colors from one leg to the other. And please, don’t get too close to the crotch*. There’s some scary kitchenering there. Nobody sees it, though. And, it’s my kid. He can wear funny looking drawers if I say so. Someone else’s kid? Not so much.

* Honestly, if you’re that close to the kid’s crotch could you change him, please?

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