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I heart spring

Although I’ve been in New England for three years now, spring flowers never get old. Mostly, I think, because I am still learning things. Like, this. Anyone know what it is?

It lives outside my dining room window and has thus far survived the marauding herds of deer.

On the subject of bright colors, I have another FO. I haven’t taken pictures yet, it’s the last week of the semester and it’s possible I’m drowning. I have a progress photo, taken when I needed some encouragement to either frog or continue. I kept going, but still am not so very sure it was a great project. Take a look for yourself:

Very. Bright.

The point of the project wasn’t another pair of pants for the boy, rather it was an experiment to see how the striping yarn I’ve been dyeing works up in the project it’s intended for.* The colorway was an oopsie one, intended to be far closer to the pastel end of the spectrum. I didn’t think anyone would buy it, so I thought it would be a good example (knit in Em’s size, though, so not entirely a waste). I’m not sold on it, and if I’m not, then who would be?

*What a poor example of grammar. Excuse me.

The stripes are kinda cool though.

Maybe I should make it a black and white photo.


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