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And we have a winner!

I know you want the winner. I was going to post my latest work in progress, but I’ll bet really you want to know if your name is there. Soooooo:

The winner is! Bea from Baa Baa BlackSheep!

Go check out her blog, it’s a good read. She has some cute little dogs for you puppy lovers, too. I am very much looking forward to shopping for her next weekend!

I was totally not expecting the response I got. 57 comments and 75 entries blows my old record out of the water. Kelli posted on her blog and sent over 15 people; Elaine sent over 5 (I have no blog for her) and I was listed on WiKnit, a knit contest blog. An unbelievable amount of traffic came from these people. I’m really glad y’all stopped by.

And here I thought it would just be you regular folks.


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