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Goodbye Swans

Change is good, blah blah blah. I get that. I do. I just hate to say goodbye to some things.

This was the view from our front yard for over two and a half years:


Sometimes, this was our view: (you may have seen this somewhere before):

Mr. Swan going home

The first year we saw an awful lot of this:

swan at the door

That part wasn’t so fun.  Swans are on the mean side, and they make copious amounts of poo.

Although we were cramped into a 640 square foot cottage, we loved it.  Mr. Cygknit joked to the landlords that if they’d just build a second story we would stay.  Once Em got mobile there was no choice but to move, though.  A pond in your front yard and a dam/waterfall by the parking spaces + an almost-toddler is a bad mix.  We moved last weekend, into a converted barn on a good deal of well-kept land.  There’s no pond in the front yard, though there’s a good bit of wildlife.

It just isn’t the same without the swans.


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