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From small to large

I’ve produced a few small knits the last six or so weeks, which have gone a long way to yanking me out of the non-knitting hole I found myself in. I had hoped I ‘d be one of those pregnant women that can’t stop knitting for their babe, but I turned out to be one of those that didn’t knit a thing for him. I would have (and possibly should have) been ashamed of this, but I was busy with other baby‘s sweaters at the time.

Once Em made it to six months, it was like some knitting weight was rolled off of me . I needed small projects to work on, though. Bibs, mitts, and small blankets seemed just my speed, mostly because they took me almost as long as large projects did pre-baby. I wondered out loud recently what I should knit next. The answer came with out hesitation from the man sitting next to me: a long-promised cardigan.


Cambridge Jacket, Interweave Summer 2006. The link shows it a bit better.

Mr. Cygknit picked out the yarn at the WEBS tent sale in 2006. Every now and then, he’d pipe up about it, but one look from me and he’d go back to perishing the thought. I think this time I was ready, though. When I was searching for a project to take to the Stitch N Bitch group I’m going to now, I realized it was time. Also, if I was going to swatch anywhere, it would be there. After swatching and going up a needle size, I’m about here. And here isn’t too scary of a place.

Cambridge rib

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