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Apparrently, Nice Matters

This fall, during the tail end of my 18 month knitting ennui, I was nominated several times for the Nice Matters Award. Then just over a week ago Jess nominated me. I could hide from posting when I was blah on the knitting, but now? Now I needed to step up and say thanks to Kelli, Tonya and Jess.*


Part of being nominated is getting to pass the award on, so I selected a few of those bloggers I read that I feel are genuinely nice. I’m not sure how many I get to nominate, so I chose two categories. The first five are knitbloggers that have gone out of their way for me. I’ve thanked them before, but I could thank them a hundred times and it still wouldn’t be enough.

In that vein, I nominate, in alpha order:

Netter – By Hook or Pointed Stick

Kelly – The Gabby Knitter

Katy – Knitterpated

Mrs. NeedleTart

Kristi – Red Dog Knits

Like Jess, one of the main reasons why I chose to switch to WordPress was that Blogger doesn’t include email addresses. I have never been able to say Thank You to some I’ve always wanted to. Until now. The second are two bloggers that have really made my day with their comments:

Leigh – Leigh’s Fiber Journal

Heather – Domestic Extraodinaire

I see now how hard it is to choose people to nominate.  I sweat over my Bloglines searching for whom to nominate and still feel like I could have added another half-dozen.  I can think of at least one that might not want to be called nice, though…(you know who you are)

If you are nominated and would like to play, go ahead.  I don’t force memes on people.

* I would have linked to their awards post but I was afraid I couldn’t have tag-backs.  They seriously are nice folks, believe me.


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