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Welcome to WordPress. Thanks for making the move with me. There is so much that Blogger wasn’t giving me that was making blogging a pain, which meant less blogging. No one wants that. I hope we’ll both be comfortable here (I still have some things to figure out, but the code version is nifty!)

I moved here in the hopes of achieving a few knitterly goals on my mind the past few months. I’d like to knit at least one swatch for the Walker Treasury Project. (I picked up A Treasury and A Fourth Treasury while in Texas, for about $5 each. And they’re both in mint condition. Go ahead and hate me.) I want to post at least once of a week; I want an easier time of it. I want to finish more projects. Ok, WordPress can’t really help me with that, but I have hopes, ok?

Thanks for playing. Knitting content soon.


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