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Em and I just got back from a week in Texas. My intent had been to post on one of my down days there, but there was a problem. My “remember me” cookie for my password expired…and I couldn’t remember what the password was! I spent several days trying every possible combination with no luck. Then, we get home well after 1 am yesterday and I tried again, half asleep. It worked. D’oh!

Since I didn’t get to post my Rhinebeck wrap-up in a timely fashion, I think I’ll just post some pictures:

Both males looking equally thrilled:

Spunky Eclectic BFL I won at the Ravelry party, in the Ravelry colorway:

And what it looks like partially spun. When Lisa was here she had me try something I never was brave enough to do before: random spinning. She pulled off bits where she felt like it, adding more pink here and more green or white there. I just did what she told me, and spun as fast as I could. Despite my inability to photograph the colors right, I think it has turned out pretty great:

We couldn’t resist the crocheted frog hat. I don’t think I have a single non-blurry shot of him in it, despite much effort:

Bamboo to spin:

Roving purchased by Mr. C, who is actually going to spin! It is hard to see in the picture, but it is grey with teal and purple. That’s about all I know of it, as I didn’t purchase it and I’m nursing at the moment 🙂

Circular sock machine socks from Jess! I totally snagged these in a way that would embarrass my mother (I was raised better than that), as I basically helped myself to them. The karmic payment for that? Now that I’ve (very gently) washed them, they don’t fit. I’ve tried, and I just can’t get away with it, even though they look great here:

Finally, a not-Rhinebeck picture. Em says, “This is what happens when Daddy dresses me!”

At least Daddy picked a handknit and wool pants.

Some last random things regarding Rhinebeck”

– Am I the only one who didn’t see a lot of the people she set out to see? I was looking for a variety of people that I never once ran into. There were others I only got to see for a second, then never saw again. Frustrating.

– I got to meet NeedleTart!! She gave us a super yummy challah loaf that I hoarded all for myself, and a shiny bank filled with 2007 pennies to Em:

– I barely had a chance to catch up with Sarah. We did get in a good bit of time to chat, though it wasn’t nearly enough. She gifted me with some hearty hugs and these cuties :

That’s it, that’s all I have right now. It’s taken me two days to type all these, while rearranging my house, celebrating Halloween, and re-entering my life. I have so much more to write about, though! In the near future I hope to post about some other spinning I’ve been doing, and the amazing Wings of the Swan Shawl that Kelli has sent me. By the time you read this, it will be her birthday. Pop on over and show her some love, will ya?


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There will be a Rhinebeck post, I promise. I am so tired I can’t even think of a metaphor to describe the tiredness. I don’t have the wide-eyed overwhelm that I did last year (Bloggers! Everywhere! Gah!!), rather I’m all soft and squishy inside from seeing my people and being around my kind again.

The baby boy did amazingly, as well. We have taken to calling him The Boy Who Would Not Nap in recent weeks, and he surprised us by taking three naps on Saturday, all in the sling. Had I the energy, I would have cried. I think from the relief of it, from the freedom to sit on a bench and breastfeed my baby with other mamas (sans hot blanket), and from the knowing that I am–despite my new world as Mama–still my fiber-loving self.

I might cry from it now.

I think I’ll steal a picture from Jess, to prove to myself that I was there as much as to show you.

More soon, I promise.

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Well, somehow I went a whole month without posting, though I’m not sure what happened.

I’d like to catch up, if I can…I tried to get this post out yesterday, two days ago so I could be all kinds of random AND be on a Wednesday, but I didn’t quite make it. Can we pretend?

1. We went to Florida! We went down for a week, flying right after Labor Day. Mr. C’s grandmother turned 90 (whoo!), so the whole family got together to surprise her. Shortly before we arrived, though, it was decided that surprising a 90 year old woman wasn’t the smartest plan. Interesting picture from the weekend: Em and Great-Grandma rolling around on the floor. Wish I could do that as well as she can!

2. While in FL we stopped by Orlando to see my mom (and hopefully Lisa). Lisa and her man were sick so we opted out of visiting. The only consolation is that she’s going to be here in a few weeks for Rhinebeck! Wheee!

3. Oh, yeah, the shawl…well, I DID rip it back, as some suggested. Instead of making me sick, like the consideration of it did, the ripping out was oddly freeing. And…I haven’t done anything on it since. I would blame it on the Rhinebeck jinx, except I have been doing some gift/deadline knitting for wee babes (not my own, though).

4. Speaking of, I have a FO!! Except I forgot to photograph it…Terry took a picture, but I didn’t. Until I can convince her to send me one, it looks like this, only pale green. Anticlimactic, I know.

5. Where I distract you with a babe in handknits:

You will piiiiiiiiiick me uppppppppppppp.

Lisa made and gifted this to me waaaay back in, um, March. And I didn’t blog it. (And she’s made him a second sweater and I haven’t blogged that, either. Yes, I do suck.) It is, I beleive it is the Baby Albert jacket from Sally Melville’s book. I don’t know what yarn she used, but it’s super soft and goes with everything. I crammed it in the diaper bag this weekend when we went out of town and pulled it out several times. Love a sweater that goes with anything.

6. Oooh! I’ve been spinning! Then I realized I had no idea where my wheel oil is off to, so I was forced to go online and buy some more. Really, my hand was forced to buy not just oil, but scented oil. And a new drive band.

7. I made a really ill-conceived decision a few months ago to register for classes to continue my Masters. I will not whine about this one, only say that this wasn’t the best choice I could have made for my sanity.

8. I will be at the Hancock Shaker Village on Friday from about noon-ish until about three-ish. Yikes! That was yesterday. So I WAS at the Hancock Shaker Village Friday, as part of their Spinning week demonstration. I was there last year with my wheel, but only managed a spindle since I was bringing the boy along, as well. This year, I brought the camera but took a grand total of zero pictures*. I am sure Jess will post some, I saw some terrific ones on her digital camera before we left. More on what I was spinning soon 🙂

There is more, but the boy is asleep in his swing and I have to do some homework. I really do have lots to post and hope to do so more than just once a month. Seriously.

[ETA: I just saw that while I brought the camera yesterday, I totally forgot the memory card. I’d have zero pics, anyway. Sigh.]

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