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To Tink or Not To Tink

Ok, I’m going to do it. While brushing my teeth tonight I decided I don’t want a shawl that has two screw ups so early on. (Did I not mention the other one? Oopsie. You can almost see it in the picture, there’s a decrease that doesn’t stack right. All subsequent ones are fine, so I was really going to pretend it wasn’t there.) Surely I’ll make more mistakes later, and isn’t it important to not rip rows that have 196 stitches in them rather than ones with less than 40? And don’t I–since this is for me–deserve something perfect? You bet I do.

I am totally going to rip back and make this baby 100%. I haven’t knit on it for four nights and there’s a reason. It needs to be right.

Except…I have no idea how to rip back something like 9 rows of lace without completely screwing things up. And I have no lifeline because, well, because lifelines are for amateur’s and regardless of the fact that I AM an amateur at lace I wasn’t going to admit it to myself.

(Excuse me while I go look up the definition of “hubris.”)

So how do I do it without tinking back stitch by stitch? Any suggestions??

And while I’m waiting? I’m totally going to cast on this guy. I can’t help myself. Thanks, Kristi.


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