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Hands free is an amazing thing.

Around week three of life (he is five weeks, now), Em developed a sudden need to be held constantly and developed an amazingly sad and pained cry.* I felt like I was nursing him around the clock, as that was all that would comfort him, and I was beginning to wonder what had happened to my sweet baby . Between the rocking, bouncing, shushhing and nursing, my arms and shoulders were creaking, my rear-end was numb and I was starting to feel a little twitchy. Of course, with a new baby I was a hormonal nightmare, and was torn between a deep desire to put the child down periodically and a consuming guilt about not wanting to hold my baby. Not rational, but I was hormonal. Trying to find a middle ground, I tried two types of carriers but the boy was not amused. Not until this was gifted to me:

My first attempt at wrapping a Moby D was a little sloppy, as you can see, but wow, did he love it. And you know what? I got to hold my baby AND do the dishes, or the laundry, or even *gasp* knit.

No pictures, yet, but I’ve been working on a Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono for this baby, and I found the long-lost Baby Bolero I started for her (I might have neglected to mention this here, but I kinda lost the entire bolero for a few months. The yarn, the needles, the pattern, everything. I live in a >700 sq ft. house; this is a bit embarrassing).

Before I post pictures of what I really am knitting (I promise!) I want to show off another amazing hand knit my child was lucky enough to be gifted. This was sent to us from the talented Netter. My photography does not do it justice, but here’s a shot for size:

For texture:
For detail:
Do you see the mitered corners in my poor shot? So cool. The blanket was knit with Rowan All Seasons Cotton and is amazing. It’s soft, beautiful, and knit on a gauge I wouldn’t have dared for something as large as it is. Truth be told, I rarely use it just for the boy. Rather, when I rock him late in the night I drape it over us. I tuck it around me, snuggle in and enjoy a 3 am nurse with a happy baby.

*Turns out he has reflux. We’re managing it well without medication, but gone are my wonderful nights drifting off while nursing in bed. We’re all about keeping him at an angle, now.


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