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Part 1

Thank you so much for the well wishes, everyone. I’ve pretty much have fallen down in the email answering department, but intend to crawl back out in the next few days. Of course, Blogger’s inability to include email addresses doesn’t help, either.

We’ve had typical newborn fun, here. The boy is an absolute gem. He is beautiful, sweet, angelic and often just amazing to watch. All cliche, I know, but I get why, now. It helps so much when they scream.

After some camera issues (surprise) I’m able to start showing some of the amazing hand knits and quilts that Em has been given. I’d been having some trouble creatively arranging them, until I realized adorable babies make great models!

(These are in no order, except what was most accessible in my small window of good lighting and happy babyness.)

Created by the generous and talented NeedleTart, the Hebrew aleph bet:

Isn’t the quilting amazing? I have one more picture that is an even better quilting example, but I need to Photo Shop out some personal information.

Thank you, Mrs. NeedleTart.


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