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Works in progress

First, I’d like to thank you all for the condolences on Juniper. Although we only had him for seven or eight months, he really made an impact on us. Our learning curve was huge and we struggled with how to make a bunny happy (while keeping sane, ourselves), but we never seriously considered giving him up. His last six or eight weeks were perfect; we’d struck a balance with his needs and ours and he was genuinely pleased with his life. It just didn’t seem fair. Mr. Cygknit has been my hero through all this, from taking him to the Vet posthumously to find a why (there is no good one) to cleaning and dismantling the cage so I wouldn’t come home Tuesday night to an empty one.

I thought it was time to post some pictures of some things I’ve been working on, especially since I’m freed from the seaming of (1 of 3) baby sweaters. First up? My telephone knitting:

The yarn is Plymouth Heaven, and was gifted to me by Lisa’s roomie. It isn’t something I would have selected (I’m nervous about baby yarn), but it’s really grown on me. What you see above is just a giant garter stitch rectangley thing. Stitch definition is non-existent, so why not just knitknitknit? Since my glider arrived, I’ve been looking forward to phone calls so I can rock back and forth and knit for the wee babe that will be under it some day soon(ish).

Also on the plate is this disastrous looking thing:

Sadly, this is one of those things I can’t blame the designer–or anyone else–for. I have been wanting to try Magic Loop for ever, but always shied away from the patterns with some excuse or other. Turns out that I was right that ML can be bad for my self esteem…but upon further reflection (after flinging it to the floor) I realized that the cord length was just not enough for what I was doing. Instead of taking it (too) personally, I (finally) realized that it wasn’t the concept that was tying me up, it was the lack of cordage. Now, I just have to convince Mr. CygKnit to loan me his longer needles.

Finally, I started a washrag on a whim yesterday on my lunchbreak. It has no purpose but to be a calm and mindless piece of knitting to keep me from violence at work. Hormonal? Me? Nahhh!


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