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Reasonably Random

I still have tons of stuff floating around my head:

1. I think I broke the camera. When your husband says not to leave it plugged in to the laptop (and the cord dangling to the ground), you should listen. I thought I was too clever to catch my foot on said cable and fling the camera across the floor. I was wrong.

2. Wanna see what I’m knitting?

It’s the Baby Bolero from One Skein. While I have the appropriate yarn (2 skeins, no less) I succumbed to a yarn emergency and bought a skein (or two) of this. I think it looks less olive-y and more pale green in person, but I blame the crappy picture on my camera.

3. The yarn for these wee cardigans was the first I’ve bought since Rhinebeck. I can’t begin to explain how amazing it felt to buy yarn again. Like, “Wow, buying yarn is fun.” How did I forget this?

4. That bit you see that I’ve done? That’s the entire right front of the cardi. It took me 45 minutes. 45. In the car on the way back from South Carolina, I knit the rest of the body (back, and left front). In one 2 hour shift as passenger, including ripping out the left front once after finding I couldn’t follow directions.

5. I had no idea newborns were that small. Since I will be delivering one, I’m kinda happy about this. I keep unfolding the body of the sweater, though and trying to imagine a little person in there. I’m having a time with this concept. I had dolls bigger than this.

6. During my last non-blogging period, I found out something I should have shared: IT’S A BOY!!

7. I have no idea how to raise a boy.

8. This wee cardi isn’t for me, it’s for a friend. Why? She’s making a crib quilt for my son (!!):

Some early squares:

Squares she did over the weekend:


The bottom two fabrics are for squares, the green is for the backing, the dotted one is for the border and the top one is for the facing. (I think I have those terms right.)

9. Clearly, I need to knit more for this woman than a tiny cardigan.

10. At some point I spoke about a little project I was making for my child, a thing that deserved it’s own post. We’ve decided to use cloth diapers on baby Buster (my step-father’s nickname for him), which is controversial I understand. Before the loss of an antique needle in the Toys R Us parking lot, my wee project was a wool diaper soaker. I don’t know if I would be interested in using wool soakers (I like these better) but I thought it would be good to at least knit something. I was having powerful urges to knit, but was intimidated with anything else. The soaker was some old Cascade 220 in the stash, less intimidating than buying baby yarn. That must sound silly. I’m not sure I want to finish it, now that I’m working on the cardis.

11. My reasons for cloth diapering are not environmental. Really, its 45% health reasons, 45% monetary and 10% environment. I was hospitalized more than a few times as an infant and child with asthma, and I found that the chemicals in disposables that make them so absorbent give off emissions that cause asthma in lab rats. I’m thinking the child will have enough genetic disposition in that direction that I don’t need to add to it. (Here‘s a good link. I’ve looked up the actual studies, too).

12. I’ve been trying to spin. It’s not going so well. How can I forget everything in just a few months??

13. I’ve been given some additional responsibilities at work, which is seriously cutting into my Bloglines time. As of 10:15 this morning I had 251 unread, and I don’t even have that many subscriptions (compared to some). At least my resume will look nicer.

14. I’m sorry, Knitter Bunny. No pics of the blocking, yet.


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