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Gone to Carolina

Though the song is more about people and less about places, I keep hearing it in my head. I find myself back here in blogland, writing about this rather than the knitting I have been doing. Will you humour me for a moment while I get this out of my system?

This past weekend was my sister’s wedding, held in South Carolina. I’ve made more than a few snarky comments about it over the past few months, in part because I was a bit holier-than-thou and part due to what felt like a burden. This is her third wedding, and I was feeling superior (what with me having been married “only” twice–you may roll your eyes at me for this) and a little put out at the cost of flights or car expenses, plus maternity dresses for two formal dinners, hotel prices, and yet another set of wedding presents. As you can imagine, I didn’t have high expectations for this weekend.

So now it is Tuesday, and I’m successfully re-entered back into my world, as silly as it sounds for a just a weekend away. Some things got to me: being in the South again and realigning my mindset to that way of life. The landscape. Sweet tea–real sweet tea, not tea with sugar. Seeing my sister happy for the first time in her life.

I’m still sorting all this out.

I’ll have more tomorrow, I promise. I have knitting, I have a gift from Knitter Bunny I’ve been too chicken to block, and I have pictures of something beautiful to me. I just have to think.


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