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Late to the party

My last meme (ok, my last post) generated some questions about what memes are, why they are, and exactly how different they are from the old chain letters that used to come in the mail. This was good, as I love researching obscure and unimportant things, especially when those things take me away from more important things. Like homework.

So, when I read Mamacate‘s request, then saw this spread across tons of other blogs, I was inspired. That, and it was not that long ago that this starving grad student begged for survey respondents. If you haven’t already, do the guy a favor and check out the link to the project, write a post, and ping here. No sweat, right? Heck, even I can do it.

If the concept of memes, language viruses, and how this has affected the Internet, has any interest for you (I’m going to go totally librarian here and recommend a book) read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Though I’m not a fan of Wikipedia, the two links above do a good job of describing the plot outlines. If it sounds a little weird, that’s ok. Not only is it a great read if you like Sci Fi and a good read if you don’t, it’s was required reading in two of my undergraduate classes (Political Futures and Postmodern American Literature). That means it must be good, right? 🙂

Its funny to me that here, at the end of my post, it occurs to me that I’ve written almost nothing about what I had intended to. Quickly, then: In good news, I found the camera! It was hiding in the car the whole time I tore the (700 sq. ft.) house apart looking for it! In not-so-great news, it seems that sometime when I wasn’t keeping good watch on Juniperbunny he ate the camera’s power cable (thankfully not while plugged in). I hope to shamelessly dig into my hard drive for old pics and actually post more regularly until we finally remember to go to Radio Shack get that new cable.

Also, I’m approaching the end of my first trimester (yay!!!) which I hope means I’ll be able to string together some more coherent thoughts. I’ve been kinda bummed by some of my recent posts not reading the way I want them to, and have been placing the blame squarely on the fig-sized young one. Please tell me I’ll be mentally back to my old self soon? And the morning sickness will *poof!* disappear on Sunday, too? Please?


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