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First time

A wise woman told me Saturday night that you never forget your first time (with a fleece). I might have made an inappropriate reference to the fleece’s name, but we don’t need to talk about that.

Instead, may I present Black Cherry:

(Here, in the blinding sunlight of my trunk)

(Here, a lock)

(Here, more crimp. Sorry about the finger.)

Some information:

What is it? A cormo fleece. I think. I’m pretty sure. (They took the card that told me so when I purchased it. I might have been a wee bit dazed at the time.) It could be a corriedale, though, because I just remember that it began with a C.

How much is it? It is just a hair under three pounds. 2.7, I think. From what I understand, this doesn’t actually qualify it as a fleece purchase (and therefore it was reasonable for me to nearly forget about it last post).

Why on earth did you pick that fleece? Um…I didn’t. Lisa did. Now, Lisa couldn’t care less (and that is stating it mildly) about fleece, and looked so bored in the fleece barn I was reminded of past bad dates. But, this one spoke to her and she called my attention back to it. I fondled it, listened to it, stroked its crimp until I wondered what all that brown stuff was on my fingers, took a deep breath and bought it.

Whatcha going to do with it? Good question. I have received some pretty strong hints that it wants to be plied with some caramel-colored alpaca I have tucked away, and sent on a journey to Florida. But I don’t know if I should listen to such hints. Really, all I’m thinking about right now is getting it to clean. I will worry about the rest much, much later.

What about pictures of that Olympic/Rhinebeck sweater? You hush, NeedleTart. I still need to wash it/block it. Y’all weren’t supposed to know that.

As for the washing (that I’m actually looking forward to) I hope to be able to get started this weekend. I’ve found myself overwhelmed with homework, as we’re just over half-way through the semester and rolling quickly downhill towards the end. While I was thrilled to have an easy week for Rhinebeck, I am paying for it now in a big way. That said, if anyone wants to take a short (15 minute) survey on internet searching, let me know at cygnet246 at yahoo dot com. (I’m in a bit of a pinch on my numbers!)

Until then, the fleece lives in the car.


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