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* “They” are the people who have gone before, who tell you that you *must* go, but not really why.

What have I learned about Rhinebeck:
I learned that it’s not the festival, its not the bloggers, its not the weather or the lamb burgers or the vendors or the h(m)otel that makes Rhinebeck. It really is all of it, all mushed together.

I learned that there are far far more knit bloggers out there than I could have imagined, and that though I saw a huge number (see pictures here and here, for starters) I only saw a wee fraction.

I learned that Socks that Rock are worthy of a looooong line. A long long long long line, the length of Building A in fact, and all the really super stuff was already claimed by the people in front of me in line. Which didn’t stop me from standing in a long line to buy sock yarn for someone I promised I would.

I learned that there is a finite amount of blithering idiocy that can fall out of my mouth when talking to people whose work I admire. Not that it doesn’t happen, but that I can control it. A little.

I learned that after you meet a few bloggers–no matter how terrified of crowds you are–you’re happy to talk to someone just as freaky on fiber as you are.

I learned that bunnies are like crack. Everyone stops to look, and those that stop to coo at them *all* talk in baby talk.

I learned that it is very important to get a recommendation on a hotel/motel and not just take what you can find. Trust that this is the best picture of the room:

(I’m in the room, facing out.)

I learned that friends can be really good to you. Lisa bought this for me, a Grafton Fibers batt and spindle:

And this is my haul:

(Except for the spinning stool I bought. Oh, and the fleece.)


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