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Not that kind of girl


I love to knit, and I do it as frequently as I can. Lunch breaks, trips with Mr. Cygknit (including trips to Target), and far too many hours I should be doing schoolwork. On a scale of obsessed, however, I don’t rank nearly as I high as my co-workers I would like to think I am. Yes, I will chose to knit over cleaning. I will even pick knitting over reading a book (which is a change of pace for me). But knitting over sleep? Oh. No. That’s crazy talk.

So. Right. *Ahem* I present Fetching

No sleep for me until the ends were woven in

So, Fetching is kinda Bunny’s fault. Mr. Cygknit set up the bunny pen a little after 5pm to clean the main cage out, and asked if I’d like to sit with Bun. I grabbed a jacket and sat inside the enclosure, watching the considerable frolicking (and eating of greens. Bunny likes greens.) The landlords walked over to chat, and we all stood around for a good while just talking. My hands got cold. Really cold. And I remembered: I wanted to make fingerless gloves back in April. When talking and cage cleaning and gazing fondly at the bunny were done, I cast me on a project.

There’s just one problem:

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Wish me luck.


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