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I am sick. I know I will be all better soon (I have to! I have too much to do!) but boy, today hasn’t been so very fun. The socks for my mom (the Sockotta) were not working out, and after much cursing I ripped them out and started a different pattern, the last on one the right, here. The color change in the yarn happens about every three stitches, and I think this one will show it off better.

Instead of whining any longer though, I present:

Long Promised Spinning

So, way back in August, I started spinning this

Then, something happened. I couldn’t spin it any more. Every time I tried, it just sorta fell apart. I’d spin and spin–even adding way more twist than I thought–and still it would just whip away onto the bobbin. I adjusted the tension about six million times and…nothing. I posed the question to a spinning forum, and…nothing. I thought it might be all the humidity, so I just walked away. Yeah. I’m not proud, but I walked away.

Now, our house is pretty small. At about 700 square feet, there wasn’t anywhere to hide the wheel. And the room you see her photographed in all the time? Really, it’s just a nook between the bedroom and the bathroom. With all the coffee I drink…I saw a lot of Edina. And I felt a whole lotta guilty.

So, fast forward to a week or so ago, when the Project Linus blanket came back to me with a gift inside: Cherry Tree Hill Roving (I wish I had a picture of it before splitting it and spinning it). Oh, Lord, I had to do something. So, I told Mr. Cygknit I was going to do this spinning thing, and Do Not Disturb Me!

He found me later, in tears. It wasn’t working. He gently asked me to slide over on the bench, he made one adjustment, and it worked. (I’m never very sure if I love him or hate him. So hard some days.)

This is what I ended up with:

Two-ply. About 300 yards. Very “designer.”

Do you see, in the very first picture, how very baby fine the fiber is? While it was a dream to touch and pet, it made spinning it *maybe* not the best choice for this novice.

This, however, is what 100% Merino does:

Isn’t it beautiful?


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