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Oh, my

So today was it, the day the new library operating system went live. Sadly, by “went live” I mean that it is mostly dead, in a Miracle Max sort of way. At our end-of-day meeting today (we had a morning one, too. Ouch.) the Director asked what we wanted to have at our Oh My God We Survived the Migration party on Friday. Without thinking, I answered “Scotch.” (And I don’t drink scotch.)

But! I will be back to regular posting soon, this week’s copious wine drinking aside. I’ve been reading blogs, and even commenting on them, but it seems that each post I’ve tried to write recently comes out sort of half-formed, like too-clever D&D character that needs to be killed off quick.

Tommorow, real post with real progress. Spinning! Socks! Jewish Holy Days!

I have to go write a paper now, one that’s kinda due tonight. It seems my topic of The Social Consequnces of the Early Printing Press meets the paramaters of next week’s paper. Not today’s. Eeek.


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