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I’m Late! I’m Late!

As each day in September passes, I feel more and more like I am falling into a rabbit hole (and not the cute furry kind). The library system migration that’s happening here, and at 22 other libraries in the area is a great big CF. (All definitions, by the way.) Apart from the rampant hysteria–eased by applying generous doses of wine–I’m actually kinda enjoying it.

Why yes, that does make me sound kinda off, doesn’t it? But really, it is kinda exciting. Just the sort of exciting that prevents me from posting [ahem] while at work.

So, tucked away in a corner of the library, doing homework after my shift is over, and just 9 minutes before we close the doors, I present:

A finished object from the hated list

Not bad?

And just to show you that he can rock the fashion world, Mr. CygKnit in his PJs

[Edited to add: In my haste, I did something awful to my template. Yikes, I’m on it.]


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So much

that I can’t even begin to tell you: A migration of a library system from the stone age to modern times, Fall classes starting, completely whacked out hormomes from hell, another FO from the list, another cast on project, pictures from the Vermont Sheep & Wool festival.

All of that is big, don’t get me wrong. But pales in comparison to this:

My new bunny (a French angora). He’s coming home October 9.

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