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Ohhhhh, look! A Finished Object!

(I would have posted yesterday, but Misfit wouldn’t move off the futon. As you can see, he’s fond of comfort. And, sorry about the date stamp.)

Some notes:

1. This was originally a pattern from an afghan book. After several inches of slipping a stitch for five rows (with bulky yarn!) and dealing with wicked pucker and amazingly off row gauge, I chucked the pattern and decided on plain old stockinette stitch.

2. The “pattern” (used loosely) was about 82 st cast on, and six rows with each color.

3. The yarn? Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick (and yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that)

4. Start date? Sometime in October ’05

5. If you get a chance (if you haven’t already) listen to the Cast On podcast (#2). In the Knitter’s Manifesto, she talks about how our choice of yarns and patterns reflects our personality and our state of mind. I shudder to think of what a probing mind might think of me in regards to this afghan. (Cheap, white trash knitter?) But don’t think that’s not affecting my choice of future projects.

Now do I get to cast on something fun?


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