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Hold on tight…

…there may just be an FO in the future.

Sunday morning, 9 AM: With one cup of coffee in me and another cooling in the mug, I continue Saturday evening’s joyous casting off of the damn afghan.

Sunday, 9:45AM: After forty-five excrutiating minutes (mostly involving preventing the Olive from hopping into my lap) I cast off the last stitch. Much rejoicing ensues, immediately followed by a trip to the bathroom (having refused until I cast off the last stitch).

Sunday, 5:40 PM: Having successfully ignored the afghan all day in favor of a visit to an open-air market at a local Mansion, (I bought wool! And organic taters! In the rain!) I sat down to weave in a few ends.

Sunday, 6:20 PM: Successfully posted pictures of my new baby. Wove in an end or two.

Sunday, 8:40 PM: After diving through a small trash can’s worth of now-used tissues in an attempt to retrieve all the ends I’ve woven in (for a clever picture), I return the afghan to see how many more of the flippin’ things I have left (I washed my hands. Ewww.) Found 1 (one) end left to sew in.

Sunday, 8:45 PM: Still staring at the afghan in shock.

Sunday, 8:47 PM: Resigned myself that Dragon is right, it will look better with a crocheted edging.


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