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# 3 & # 4

#3 Bumblebee socks

Remember this? From how many months ago?? (May 14. Eek.)

Second sock syndrome is not much of a problem for me, as I’m usually working some sort of self-imposed gift-giving deadline. But this pair for Mr. Cygknit, to match his black and yellow Guinness pajamas (imagine these as pants. With a matching shirt. The man has style.) has been giving me some problems. Since summer is winding down here it is nearly time to drag the flannel out and prepare for winter. And not-so-subtle hints about finishing projects have started to be whispered. So, this has been dragged from the depths of the naughty basket:

Sock 2. The yellow zone was my wait at the Dr.’s office yesterday, the black section above it was done at a Terry knitting lesson/wine tasting. Now, I just have more yellow, more black, and some more soul-crushing yellow before I can declare an FO.

#4 The Olympic Sweater

Don’t worry, I am ashamed that, six months after the Olympics is over, I am still not done with this poor crumpled thing:

The Hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Sadly, it only needs a few rows of last raglan shaping and some hemming. You’ll notice that the left sleeve has already been hemmed? I didn’t realize that I could do it as I go until I was on the last one. *sigh* On the positive side, Sensations Dolcetto has been one of the best yarns I’ve worked with–regardless of the fact that it is a Jo-Anne Fabric brand and yarn snobs everywhere would snub me. Next time you slink in there, (checking both ways to make sure no one is looking) pet some of this stuff. Seriously good.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of dragging my UFOs out to the light of day (and the spiders are all getting annoyed, as well). I foolishly thought that 4 was it in unfinished land, until being gently reminded of a few hidden obligations last night (What, you want two mittens, Mr. Cygknit?). Instead, I’d rather be spinning angora:

…which is much like poking your eyeballs with tiny dpns, over and over.


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