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I was going to wait until I got home from work today (my turn on the weekend rotation) to blog, but just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Remember that class this summer? The one that made me, at best, cranky, and at worst, sobbing under the bed in frustration? Just got my grade: A-. I will take that minus and be darned happy that I never ever have to take another class with this woman again.

Whew. And now, on to the good stuff:


My new boss’ wife is huge into all that paper scrappy kinda stuff. She holds a “stamp camp” every three months or so, and I (finally) decided to go this time. Normally, this sort of thing completely weirds me out, but look! I made these! And they don’t look like crap!

Cards! (Like before, but different):

I think I see a new facet of this fiber obssession on the horizion. It all started with a posting on one of the Yahoo spinning groups I belong to (can’t remember which one or I’d link it) had a woman who posted alpaca fleeces for sale. Although I was sorely tempted (Dragon had to give me a serious talking-to) to pick one up for the, ummmm, educational purposes, I had to settle for buying dog carders. At least until Rhinebeck.


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