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Mr. Ashford

Dear Mr. Traditional,

First, let me take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I understand that you have a busy schedule as the only wheel at your store, and I surely do appreciate our meeting.

I have long been curious about your simple lines, and classic styling. You are both modern and traditional–something that many try but few succeed. I respect that. At the risk of embarrassing us both, I must say how lovely you were to the touch. And no, my husband was not offended at our gentle embrace. Granted, you were a bit shorter than I thought you’d be–no, no! I found that charming. Really.

As much as I enjoyed meeting you, learning your personality, and understanding all your needs and wants, I am afraid it may not work out for us. I know you’re the “All-time favo(u)rite” of so many women. I can’t imagine that you shall be alone. You are loved by thousands, and I just wouldn’t give you all you need. Its not you, dear, its me.

All my respect,


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[Edited to add: How about some captions, eh?]

[My first cuke this year…and my first non-deformed one ever. 11 of its dearest friends will ripen today, and this weekend I will attempt to reach my goal: Can pickles like my PopPop. More to come on this.]

[The view from about halfway up Mt. Greylock.]

[Soy silk, inego (corn fiber, donchaknow), and the luscious mohair locks I’m clueless about. Bosworth spindle for scale.]

[Birthday present from my mother. I asked her to pick out yarn for socks she and my step-father might want for the Winter Consumer Holidays. I was told by Mr. Cygknit that its a cheesy gift to get yarn you intend to give back. Perhaps it is. But she spent more on the yarn for her than she would have for just me (take that as you will–it is simply a fact, and does not bother me), and I never would have bought the Mountain Colors for myself. Kelly has given me some good suggestions from Sensational Knitted Socks so I don’t freak out (more than I have) on what to knit.]

[Project Linus blanky, nearly ready to send back to the Dragon. I’ve talked aboout this, I think, but not sure if those posts ever got published. We work for a 2 week period, then mail it back to the other until its done. We’re responsible for weaving in the other’s ends, but not our own (who wants to do their own?) . The penatly for not obeying the rules? Presents. Of course, I’ve missed our swap deadline (7/31) and am hitting the stores today. Sometimes, its worth it to get that extra strip (left) in.]

Today, I’m off to Wool Connection to play with some Ashford wheels. My schedule and Janet’s are not agreeing with each other so I thought I’d go try some out and report back to her with an order. Ya, I have zero patience. I should feel bad for this, but I don’t. I have a three week window between semesters, and I want to spend every possible hour glued to the wheel. (I just reread this, and am a little scared by the power of the justification. ) I’m just so darn excited I almost scare myself.

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