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Wheels! Wheels! Wheels!

I say I’m speechless, but here goes:

$120 towards a wheel of my choice! Holeeeey Crap. Knitter Bunny, a public thank you for you, too.

(One of my co-workers said that it sounds like I’ve put out a donation cup. I really hope it doesn’t sound like I have!)

I huffed and puffed and stomped my feet to get Mr. Cygknit to agree to change our plans this weekend so that I could try out some wheels. He caved last night. So, I begged and pleaded with Jess for when she’s available (she has kindly agreed for me to use her house as a wheel shop for an afternoon), and so I emailed Janet…who isn’t free this weekend. *Sob*

That’s ok, really. (She says, drying her tears.) I have some research to do. And you wouldn’t expect me not to research, right?

So Janet sells Kromskis, Ashfords and Babes. What to buy? What to try? Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • I tried the Kromski Minstrel, but I wasn’t 100% thrilled with it. It fought me! I want to try some of the other Kromskis, specifically the Mazurka and the Symphony. I have a lead on someone who’s trying out a Symphony, so I just have to send out an email and see if she says something similar.
  • I like traditional style wheels. It is not just that I like the traditional look…its more that I like the roots of things. I thought I wouldn’t want a wheel because spindles were the “original” way to spin. Since wheels *are* historic, I’m not worried that I’m bending a bit!
  • Speaking of wheel styles, I like both the castle wheels and the Saxony. For our space constraints (we rock 700 square feet at our place), Castle wheels seem compact enough to not be constantly tripped over.
  • For the record, I don’t like modern-looking wheels. I know there are lots of folks who love their Joy’s, their Hitchhikers and even the Babe’s. If I was handed one of these free, you bet your sweet kitty that I would take it with a smile and be spinning yarn before sunset. But its not what I’m getting this time.
  • Which brings me to my next point. When I have said, both in personal emails and on this blog, that I have been moved way down deep in my squishy little soul by what these five folks have done for me in helping get a wheel, I am not exaggerating. If I was buying a wheel with my paycheck, heck with some money from my folks, I wouldn’t be so carefully considering which to get. (Or subjecting you folks to my thought process.) But as Ms. Knitter Bunny pointed out to me, this will be something I “will treasure for a long time.” She’s right–I want a wheel I can look at and think of my blog and my bloggy friends.
  • So what to get? A Kromski Mazurka or a Symphony? An Ashford Traveler or a Traditional? Any personal opinions out there?


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