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Last week, I was asked the sort of question that makes folks like us weep with joy.

“Cygknit, will you teach me to knit?”

When I was done drying the tears from my face, I asked her if I truly heard her right.

“You want me to teach you to knit?”


“You sure?”


I made plans to go to the yarn store before she changed her mind.

After an overwhelming experience at a store I’d not been to before–so much wool piled everywhere I had to take care not to trip–we headed over to her place for Lesson 1: Stockinette.

She didn’t want to learn to knit a garter stitch scarf a mile long. No, she wants her first project to be a cardigan. You heard me–a cardi. Button band, and all. And I wasn’t going to tell her she couldn’t.

The swatch above is her first try at kit and purl, and done in about 30 minutes. The girl is a natural. She emailed this to me a little later, the productive little wench.

She asked for homework, and I gave it to her: a 4″ swatch for gauge. Extra credit? K1P1 for another 2″. I almost hated her for being so darned clever. (I’ll not mention how pleased I was when she called asking about a “hole” she had made, and a mysterious extra stitch. I’m sure she’s human, now. I wasn’t before.)

I think she’s hooked on this knitting thing. How do I know? She sent me a pic of a “scenic knitting place” in her yard:

My work here is done.


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