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Not for me, thankyouverymuch, but a visiting baby.

This is Walter (a description of why she’s called Walter is here)

Isn’t she cute? She was busy eating my Mac’s mouse all afternoon while her Mommy was up for a visit from Florida. She happily perched on our floor cushions for something like three hours, and never once made a pouty face. So long as we fed her pita and let her eat the mouse, she was Happy. Happy babies are Such a Good Thing.

Her Mommy, an old friend of mine, gave me this:

(needles pulled out for effect)

Happy early birthday to me! See the cute notions bag, chock full ‘o goodies? And the long-coveted pack ‘o sock needles? I’m giddy as we speak.

I have been knitting. Not much, mind you, but some. Pictures to follow tomorrow (I hope)


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