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Today’s post was going to be about an ankle sock I cast on last night. Let me just say now, for the record: A gauge swatch for a sock is not a stupid idea. No matter how much so it may seem. Trust me on this, ok?

How about some Project Spectrum-ness?

A wee bit of blue in the leftover bowl yarn display:

Our dairy set of dishes:

In Mr. Cygknit’s kosher home growing up, anything in the kitchen colored blue or green was only to be used for dairy (milk, cheese, etc) or parve (fish, eggs, veggies). If you were having a meat meal (red or chicken, even with parve stuff), you used red or yellow dishes. Everything, from the designs on the plates to the sponges and towels by the sink followed these color coordinating rules. When we were trying to figure out what to register for, (my lord, what a pain that was) we fell in love with these blues. We eat a lot of dairy meals now.

Being the only person who doesn’t own the Mason Dixon book, I have to design my own washcloths (rather, warshcloths–I have plenty of Southern in me):

A little blue never hurt no one.


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