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this is not funny

I wrote the last post, then decided to hop in the shower. Yes, it was 2:30 in the afternoon. Its my day off, I’m allowed.

I took a nice long hot shower, all the while thinking calm and relaxing thoughts. The events of earlier really did freak me out. I turned off the water, opened the curtain, stepped out to the rug…and saw another one staring right at me.

I screamed a lot.

This one? He’s still loose. Excuse me, I’m going to move out of state now.


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This post was supposed to be about how wonderful the Great Yarn Expedidion of 2006 was. There were to be pictures of “eskimo”, alpacas, and maybe even some yarn. We had a hell of a trip, and thanks to the knitty.com coffeshop we got some really great suggestions for yarn stores on our way. And don’t think we didn’t detour for yarn.

DH and I are home from work today, which means (among other things) that I can get him to figure out why the digital camera isnt’t loading pics to the laptop. He did figure it out though, which is good as we had an interesting bit of fun today:

Instead of working on the laptop, we were…ummmm…enjoying our time together…when I heard rustling out the bedroom window and saw my kitty Olive in full-on stalk mode. I prayed she wasn’t hunting snakes, but didn’t much think about it for a few minutes. As DH headed for the bathroom he mentioned that she’d come in all by herself–not to worry. Then, “uh, Cyn? You’d better come in here…there’s a snake in the bathroom.”

(Taken from atop my desk chair)
She was quite proud of her catch, you see, and didn’t want to give him up.

Much to my displeasure, I have experience catching wild snakes in my house. *shudder* I got DH a bowl to catch the thing:

I have decided not to post the pictures where Olive refuses to let go of the snake. Where she picks up the thing and carries it to another room and it dashes to the back of the bookcase. Or, for that matter, the pictures where she’s pissy with DH for taking her toy away. He didn’t like those. Instead, we have a picture of a much happier snake on his way back home:

(note the kosher for passover cereal)

And, here we go: free

As I said to eskimo earlier, I believe key years of my life are missing.

Finally, what I’ve really wanted to post:


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